My Goals for the rest of the year and next year as a year 7.

Hey everyone,

finally, it’s term 4 and we are only one term and a few weeks holidays from being the oldest students in the school. Even though we are almost at the end of the year and the term, I still have some goals to accomplish for year 6.

Some of these goals are

– to get effort 1 in every subject in my report

– to get at least a C grade in every subject

– to achieve at least one overall A grade again

My Goals for next year as a year 7 are

– graduate with high flyers (of course) 

– be included in either the recycling or tech team

– to get into Brighton High School

Please write back, Em

The Show

Hey everyone,

I just went to the show with my grandma and I got the girlfriend, diva, twirl, hubba bubba and of course Bertie Beetle show bags. I haven’t been for ages so I’ve lost my touch and in most of the games I played I just won a teeny little cgeap stuffed animal. We went and saw the dogs in the dog competitions area and they were so cute!!!! We went and saw the pigs and the cows and they all totally stank and the piglets were really getting into it when they were having some milk, it was kind of gross. We went into the barnyard area and they had this one really cute little bunny and it was grey with a white line around it’s neck and a white face, I sooooooo wanted to take it home with me!!!!!!

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Hi everyone,

My mum, step-dad, step-brother, step-sister and I have all booked flights to . . . BALI!!!

We must be having a lucky streak though because we get to stop at Perth half way there so we can have a rest and stash up on Krispy Kremes!!! It also happens that three family friend couples of ours will go over there at the same time so that will be good and they have awesome New Year celebrations in Bali. We are going on New Years. I can’t wait to get my braids done again and I will probably have extensions on the braids again as well!!!I will make sure to take lots and lots of photos over there and post them and I will try and get on my blog and tell you guys about it as much as I can.

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Learning Intentions and Success Criteria for 2010 in LA22

Hi everyone,

This year has been different so far as in grading for me because I and the rest of my classmates have been given the expectations of getting an A, B or C grade in almost all of our assignments and we have also been given the chance to improve our grade if we are not happy with our grade.

Something that hasn’t changed however is having class learning intentions, we have them for nearly every subject, here are two of them:

Spelling: To be able to consistently spell most commonly used words accurately

Inquiry: To understand that democracy allows citizens to have a voice about how decisions are made.


I think this has made learning in the classroom a lot easier as it gives me a sort of goal to work towards. Learning Intentions also make me feel even better and more successful than when I usually finish my work to my highest standards.

Please write back soon, Emi22

Science-‘Change Detectives’


In Science our last focus was ‘Change Detectives’ which was about learning all about Chemical and Physical Changes. For example when things melt, burn, freeze or dissolve, and many more. We also learned about what happens to particles when they change which helped us figure out whether the change was physical or chemical. I learned a lot and will now share that with you.

In Session 1 – Mostly Melting I learned that change is not that easy to make happen as it really can’t be judged, as it depends on many things like weather and the resources available to you.

In Session 2 – Playing Particles with our whole table (2 groups) we had to act like ice (frozen water) particles and then     Ms L tapped some of us on the shoulder as she was meant to be the heat energy and then we had to gradually come apart and move around more (melt back into water) I learned from this lesson what happens to ice particles when they change back to water particles.

In Session 3 – Gas Bags we had four bottles with either bicarb soda and acid, bicarb and water, acid and water or bicarb, acid and water. This was my favourite experiment because the bicarb, acid and water re-acted really well and this was an example of a chemical change because after it re-acted it could not be changed back into separate water, bicarb and acid.

These were my 3 favourite lessons and although there were many more these are the only ones I will be sharing with you.

Please write back EPL


Hi everyone,

I went to the Museum today with my dad and his partner and it was awesome!!! I was a little bit scared of the African exhibit because all of the animals looked so huge. . . . . . . . . . . . and real. The last time I saw a hippo was at the zoo when I was little and I definitely didn’t remember them being that big.  Also they had an exhibit on geology and all of the minerals were so pretty! There was one that looked like a mirror and that was really pretty.

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Sports Day Reflection

On Friday the 19th of March our school had Sports Day. There are four teams and they are Green, Red, Yellow and Orange, I am in the Green team. Because this year, our school has been up and running for 50 years we decided to bring back some more traditional games like the 3 Legged Race or the Egg and Spoon Race.

The first (and my favourite) activity that our and next door’s class had was the 3 Legged Race and I went with Sop22 because we are both in green. We both thought we were pretty good and that we were practically 3 Legged Sprinting!!! Another activity I highly enjoyed was the Long Jump but not so much when there’s all the sand in my shoes. I noticed how many different people have different levels of skill and different techniques of jumping.

It was a really great day for everyone that participated and it was good to see the parents join in the Tug ‘O’ War. Unfortunately Green did not win but infact Red did . . . again. Yellow and Orange were both tied for third. It was really great seeing everyone being such good sports, especially in the running races because when there was only one person left running no matter what team they were on every team cheered them on.

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Assembly :B

Hi Everyone,

Last week on Thursday (11th of March) our school had a special out of school hours assembly for the Morphett Students and also so that the parents would be able to attend one of the Assemblys.

Our class shared all about the 5 Keys to Success and Happiness, all of the Morphett classes Classroom Agreements and the 9 Values of Australian Schooling. My grop shared our Character Kids and on each of them was a Value of Australian Schooling.

Some other items that were presented by other classes were how to make and start up a blog, the work expectations for 2010, year 7 speeches and the year 7 High Flyers along with many more interesting items.

I really enjoyed the assembly and it was nice discussing everything with my parents I really encourage another one and would like to know if the rest of you liked it and if you support another one aswell.

Please write back Emi22